HI-MAX H01 SET Technical Diving Sidemount Cave Underwater Canister Led Light

HI-MAX H01 SET Technical Diving Sidemount Cave Underwater Canister Led Light


SLIM H01 III flashlight is the third generation of this type of flashlight. As a result of suggestions and our observations, the following have been improved: - SLIM H01 flashlight has now an improved rotary switch in the head with a noticeable "mushroom" that makes it easier to switch the flashlight operating modes with one finger. It has 3 power levels ~ 3500lm / 130 min, 2000lm / 185 min, 1300lm / 260min. - Goodman folding handle (two side screws, which, after unscrewing them with palms, allow you to fold the head with the handle and fit them into the suitcase) with ¼ ″ holes for mounting the GoPro camera and the flexibility of mounting the head centrally, on the right and left. - mounting the head with a Goodman handle with three (triangle shape) instead of two (in line) screws. This is so that the head doesn’t move and wobble on the Goodman. - 2 pcs of screwed and unscrewed fingers and 3 pcs of mounting screws screwed with an allen key (included) - In the SLIM H01 set - two -stand chargers for 26650 batteries with a charging time of about 6 hours and 3 pcs of HI-MAX 26650, 4000mAh, PCB batteries. The above chargers, apart from charging the 26650 batteries, can also charge the 10440, 14500, 18350, 18490, 18650, 32650 batteries. -Metal stuffing boxes with rubber bends at the head and canister to prevent cable kinks - An upgraded transport case SLIM H01 is a very strong, light and handy canister flashlight equipped with a folding Goodman handle with the ability to mount a GoPro camera. The undoubted advantages of this flashlight are the high power of the light beam produced (3500lm) and the fact it is lightweight (1.2 kg with batteries), obtained by using a slim and streamlined container, which is important during air transport, but also has a huge impact on comfort during the diving. The tray is designed to hold 3 of the 26650 batteries. In the case of the SLIM H01 Set are the HI-MAX 26650, 4000 mAh, PCB rechargeable batteries, enabling operation at maximum power for over 2 hours. Although this can be extended by reducing the intensity of the light beam.

By using the rotary switch on the head to reduce the power setting.

There are three beam power modes:

1.3500lm ~ 130 minutes

2.2000lm ~ 185 minutes

3.1300lm ~ 260 minutes

Having 3 separate rechargeable batteries gives the advantage of an easy, quick and, above all cheap replacement of the damaged rechargeable battery in the event of any failure of any of them.


HI-MAX SLIM H01 KIT includes:

1x SLIM H01 flashlight, 3500 lumen

3x Rechargeable batteries 26650, 4000 mAh, PCB

2x quick chargers for 2 26650 batteries (you can also charge other types of batteries)

1x "Goodman" folding mount with ¼ ″ holes for mounting GoPro camera

2x assembly screws for folding and unfolding the handle

3x set of mounting screws for mounting the head with the handle and an allen key to attach them.

1x spare O-rings

1x transport case



flashlight have 24 MONTHS WARRANTY.

Service supported in the UK

During the service, a replacement unit is possible

so that you can still enjoy diving.


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